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Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency From Federal Prison


MIchelle West

1st Offender – Serving Life. Please sign Michelle’s petition.

Name: Michelle West 17809-039
Children: One daughter – Miquelle West
Race: Human
Grew up: Detroit, Michigan
Tried: Detroit, Michigan
Will Live: Los Angeles, CA
Charges: Count (2) Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances, (3) Aiding & Abetting; Drug Related Murder (5) False Statements to Institution with Deposits Insured by the FDIC (6)…


Roberta Bell

1st Offender – Life – PENDING. Please sign Roberta Bell’s petition.

Name: Roberta Ronique Bell #08116-067
DOB: Sept. 4, 1971
Race: Black
Marital Status: N/A
Age: 46
Children: Three children – 2 girls and boy. Ashley, Gerrid, and Jazzmin
Two granddaughters – Riley and Riyan
State from: Born in Rockford, Il – moved to PA at 14
Tried: in PA


Elisa Castillo

1st Offender – LIFE.

Name: Elisa Castillo 67003-179
D.O.B: 7/13/1955
Race: Hispanic
Marital status: Widow
Age: 64
Children: 4 two boys, two girls
Grandchildren: 12, all live in Dallas, TX
State Raised: Came to United States at age 13; have been living in Dallas, TX ever since.
State Charged: Texas
Will release to: Dallas, Texas


Eva Palma Atencio

1st Offender – Serving Life. Please Sign Eva’s petition.

Name: Eva Atencio Palma #21868-051
DOB: July-11-1974
Age: 44 years old
Children: 2 daughters Bianca and Estrella 1 son Herman
Grandchildren: 1
Nationality: Hispanic
State you are from: Chihuahua
State you were arrested: New Mexico
Will live: Will be deported to Mexico
Sentence: Life without parole
Charges: Conspiracy to dist. cocaine…


Patricia Cooney

1st Offender – 30 years. Please sign Patricia’s petition.

Name: Patricia Cooney #50662-004
DOB: 7-18-1953
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Age: 64
Children: One adult daughter and one adult son; four grandchildren (one due in August) and three great-grandchildren.
Grandchildren: One granddaughter who was disabled by gunshot accident
Raised: Florida
Case originated:Tennessee
Will live: Florida
Charge: Conspiracy to possess…


Diana Marquez

1st Offender – 30 years for pot! Please sign Diana’s petition.

Name: Diana Marquez #60222-180
DOB: July 12, 1956
Race: Hispanic
Age: 62
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 16
Charges: Conspiracy to import and distribute marijuana, Money Laundering (see bio below for specific charges)
Tried: Western District of Texas, El Paso
Sentence: 30 years


Lavonne Roach

1st Offender – 30 Years. Please sign and share Lavonne’s petition.

Lavonne Roach 10431-073
Age: 52
Race: Native American – Lakota Sioux
Children: 3 children and 7 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth
Sentence: 30 Years
Sentenced: 1997
Served: 20 years
Priors: First Offense
Prison Conduct: Role Model Inmate – minor infraction for saving her meds
Clemency: Filed by Clemency Project 2014…


Connie Farris

12 years for mail fraud. Please sign/share Connie’s petition.

Name: Connie Farris #41922-048
DOB: 1944
Race: White
Marital Status: Married 53 years to Rex Farris
Age: 73 husband, Rex,  74
Children: None
State Convicted: Nevada
Will reside: California
Sentence: 12 years
Charges: Mail Fraud and Aiding and Abetting; Never convicted on Aiding and Abetting the Court finally removed the A&B…


LaShonda Hall

First Offender – 45 years. Please sign LaShonda’s clemency petition.

Name: LaShonda Hall #31779-074
DOB: 8-2-81
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Children: 1 (Son)
State from: Tennessee
State charged: Tennessee
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and possession w/intent to distribute Cocaine Hydrochloride, Cocaine Base (Crack), MJ & Ecstasy; PWITD Marijuana, Money Laundering, Aiding & Abetted…
Sentence: 45 years 8 months


Crystal Munoz

Serving 20 years for pot. Please Sign Crystal’s petition.

Crystal Munoz #79319-180
DOB: 06-19-1979
Age: 38
Children:  2 daughters
Race: Native American (Navajo)
Charge: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1000 kilograms or more of marijuana
Sentence: 19 years 10 months
Served: 10 years


Nancy Ferneau

25 years. Please sign Nancy’s clemency petition and share with others.

Name: Nancy E.Ferneau #06966-059
DOB: 2/27/52
Race: Caucasian
Age: 66
Children: 2 daughters; Tina R.Estabrook, and Alicia K.Estabrook
Grandchildren: Tina has 3 boys and 1 girl, Alicia has 2 boys, total 6 grandchildren,
State Raised: Seattle ,Wash.
Tried: Bismarck, No. Dak. that is where I lived for the last 12…


Elizabeth Rushing

1st Offender – 24 years – PENDING.

Name: Elizabeth Marie Rushing  #18715-056
DOB: 5/14/1966
Children: 1 daughter – she was 18 months old when I came to prison and is now 18 yrs old
Race: White
Charges: 24.5 years – 2 counts under 18 USC 1956; (Money Laundering); Conspiracy to Money Launder and Aiding and abetting etc.


Clothera White-Peak

First Offender – Life plus 25 years.

Name: Cloretha White-Peak #18114-018
DOB: 3/13/72
Race: African American
Marital Status: Recently Divorced
Age: 46
Children: 1 son age 28 (7 at time of my incarceration)
Charges: Conspiracy to commit carjacking, to PWITD cocaine, (924(c)), obstruction of interstate commerce
Sentence: Life + 25 years
Served: 23 years to date
Sentenced: April…


Lazara Ordaz

35 years.

Name: Lazara Ordaz #10431-073
DOB: 12/17/58
Marital Status: Single
Age: 59
Children: One daughter
Resident state: Florida
State charged: Philadelphia
Will live: Philadelphia
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute More than 3 Kilos of controlled substance (cocaine) Use of a communications facility, possession of a firearm
Sentence: 35 Years


Angela Wright

30 years. Please sign Angela Wright’s clemency petition.

Name: Angela C. Wright #: 12118-017
DOB: 1/1/1977
Age: 41
Marital Status: Single
Children: One son, Brad Moore, Jr.
Sentence: 30 years, 4 months
Date Sentence Started:2/24/2007
Years served: 11
Release Date: 3/2026
Charge(s): 21 USC 841 and 846: Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute more than…


Tynice Hall

28 years. Please Sign Tynice Hall’s petition.

Name: Tynice Hall # 34596-177
DOB: 7/27/1983
Age: 34
Marital Status: Single
Children:  One son, Jonathan
Raised: Texas
Tried: Texas
Will Live: Lubbock, TX
Charge(s): Conspiracy to Distribute and Possession with Intent to Distribute and Manufacture more than 50 grams of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine…


Chalana McFarland

1st Offender – 30 years – PENDING. Please sign Chalana’s petition.

Name: Chalana McFarland #58892-019
Race: Black
Marital Status: Married
Age: 50
Children: 1 daughter
Raised: Georgia
Charged: Georgia
Will release to: Atlanta, Georgia
Charges: Mortgage fraud (bank fraud/wire fraud/money laundering/obstruction of justice/perjury)
Sentence: 30 years
Served to date: 13 years
Started sentence on: 2/15/05
Priors: None


Judith Negron

35 years – First offender.

Name: Judith C. Negron #95719-004
Age: 47
Race: Non-white Hispanic
Raised: Florida
Tried: Florida
Will Live: Florida
Charges: Initial Indictment: 1 Count of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud
Superceeding Indictment with 24 counts (Health Care Fraud, to Conspiracy to Defraud the Government, Receive & Pay Kickbacks, Structuring to Avoid…


Tanesha Bannister

23 years – CP14 PENDING.  Please sign and share Tenesha’s clemency petition on

Name: Tanesha Bannister #99774-071
DOB: 10-04-74
Race: African American
Marital Status: Divorced
Age: 43
Children: 2 Children…one daughter 25 and one son 23
Raised: South Carolina
Indicted: South Carolina
Will Live: Columbia, South Carolina
Charges: Possess with Intent to Distribute 50 grams of Crack and 5 kilos of cocaine.


Lenora Logan

Life reduced to 30 years.

Name: Lenora Logan #11733-424
DOB: 10-21-60
Age: 57
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 11
Raised: Iowa
Will live: Joliet, IL
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and sell crack cocaine
Sentence:  LIFE reduced to 30 years on appeal and then resent 2 pt reduction to 27 years.
Served to date: 18 years
Started Sentence: 9-9-1999


Bernetta Willis

42 Years – DENIED.

ame: Bernetta L. Willis #: 11880-002
DOB: 06/05/1978
Age: 40
Children: Children: 5 children: Mercedes McQueen, 24 years old; Eddie McQueen, 22 years old; Lexus McQueen, 20 years; Leshedrick Willis, 18 years old; Camry WIllis,16 years old. Grandchildren- Mariya McQueen, 7 years old; Madysen McQueen, 3 year old; Ivy McQueen, 2…


Rashundria Burkes

15 years 6 months. Sign Rashundria Burkes petition seeking clemency.

Name: Rashundria J. Burkes #33305-279
D.O. B. 6/29/75
Children: None
Race: African American
Lived prior to indictment: Texas
Tried: South Carolina
Charges: Originally arrested and charged with Trafficking Cocaine : Count 1 ( 400 grams or more)
Plea: Burkes pled guilty to an unnumbered , unfiled accusation from the arrest…


Santra Rucker

13 life sentences reduced to 23 years – PENDING.

Name: Santra Rucker #34932-083
Age 50
Race: Indigenous Black Woman
Children: Daughter – Kyndia Ryley
Raised: Republic State of Maryland
Tried: Commonwealth of Virginia (Richmond)
Will live: Maryland
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams (Title 21 USC 846) & Title 21 USC 841 Intent to distribute 50 grams or…


Shanita MacKnight

1st Offender – 20 years. Please sign and share Shanita’s clemency petition on change.

Name: Shanita McKnight
DOB: 4/22/73
Race: black
Martial status: married
Age: 43
Children: 2
State raised: SC
State charged: SC
Will release: Charlotte, NC
Charges: count 1 conspiracy to posses narcotics with the intent to distribute and count 2 extortion of a public employee
Sentence: 20 years


Clarissa Burgoon

20 Years. Please sign Clarissa’s clemency petition on

Name: Clarissa Burgoon #11625-031
DOB: 5-18-1974
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Age: 43
Children:  Two ages 19 and 22
Grandchildren: One
State where you are from:Kansas
State indicted: Kansas
Will release to: Kansas
Charges: Conspiracy to commit Money Laundering
Sentence:  20 years
Served: 9 Years
Started Sentence…