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Open Line Interview of Dawn Harrington, Executive Director Free Hearts. Discuses barriers to re-entry after incarceration.

Tiheba Bain, Founder of WAMI, speaks on First Step Act, Clean Slate Act

Ashley Messier, Vermont State Organizer, speaks on Policing and Prisons in Vermont

Catherine Sevcenko, senior counsel, National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, joins defense Benjamin Crump defense team. Defending Chikesia Clemons, Waffle House law suit in Alabama.

Debra Bennett, Florida State Organizer
Debra Bennett, Florida State Organizer

Debra Bennett, Florida State Organizer, leads a motercade protest, asking Governor DeSantis to release women before the Covid-19 virus spreads rapidly in a Tallahassee prison.

Leslie Credle, Director of Information Technology and Romilda Pereira, Families Justice As Healing. advocate for release and the highlight the conditions inside prisons during Covid -19 pandemic. Video features car protest outside MCI Framingham state prison and the South Bay Jail in Massachusetts.

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