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Reimagining Justice

National Council’s new blog, Reimagining Justice, will provide updates on efforts to turn the criminal legal system into one that deserves to be called the criminal justice system. We look forward to celebrating the work and achievements of this community and calling out harmful policies and exposing the cruelty of the current carceral system.

The National Council is no longer willing to “reimagine” harmful institutions such as prisons. We are not interested in “restorative” justice that simply perpetuates the status quo that caused the victimization in the first place. We are engaged in transformational work to bring about positive change that will reduce and eventually eliminate the practice of putting our fellow human beings behind bars.

When we reimagine the world, our vision focuses on radical transformation. Our “Reimagining Communities” campaign promotes positive change on the hyper-local level through an integrated approach that includes supporting the local public schools, strengthening ties between neighbors to promote informal conflict resolution, investing in local businesses, and establishing co-ops to employ formerly incarcerated people. Our clemency campaign will target all 50 governors state-by-state until all of our incarcerated sisters are home. We invite you to join us. Become a member of the National Council. Follow this blog. Become the change you want to see in the world.