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Through a JUST SISTERHOOD a new relationship is formed!

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The National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women & Girls, partners with Circle of Justice to create the #FreeHer Fund.

Through a Just Sisterhood a new relationship is formed, a necessary foundation for achieving liberation for all women. It’s because of this steadfast integrity and focus on its mission of empowering women who’ve been harmed by the criminal legal system that the Circle for Justice Innovations is proud to partner with the National Council to create our newest grant making fund - FreeHer. The FreeHer Fund will support grassroots organizing that is based in awareness of the current political environment’s hostility toward the rights of women and girls; is led by women and girls directly impacted by the criminal legal system; and is working to restore or expand the rights of currently and/or formerly incarcerated women and girls. The FreeHer Funding Circle is grounded in values defined by CJI Director, Aleah Bacquie Vaughan as “JUST SISTERHOOD”. These values are: honesty, truth telling, acknowledgment,power-sharing and dignity.

The FreeHer Circle is an innovative and diverse grant-making panel comprised of community organizers, most of whom have experienced incarceration, donors and donor-activists. We share power and a passion for supporting meaningful, transformative and systemic change of the criminal legal system. The present moment in history places our movement at a critical juncture. Activists and commentators alike have introduced a wealth of policy proposals. Some would be effective, others ineffective, still others insidious and harmful. CJI believes that formerly incarcerated movement leaders and their organizations, working at the grassroots and drawing from experience, must be at the forefront of determining the policies that will move us forward. The movement must also push back against the emergence of tools of repression, however disguised. The National Council of Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls is an outstanding example of the type and style of work CJI was created to support and we are proud to partner with them in launching the FREEHER Fund.

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