As movement members of The People’s Campaign for Safety & Freedom 


  • Our goal is to shift our justice and safety paradigm to one of community investment, healing, and restoration and away from punishment, mass criminalization and mass incarceration.


  • Repealing the 1994 crime bill and redirecting federal resources away from all relevant punitive programs is necessary.

  • We also will enact multiple reforms at the federal, state, and local levels to transform the justice system and ensure investments in our communities. It is this larger goal that drives our communication strategies, our organizing, and our policy proposals. 


  • Communities who are closest to the problem—currently incarcerated, formerly incarcerated people, communities who are surveilled and criminalized  under these policies, and other directly impacted people—should be key in determining the solutions.


  • We will engage in democratic and community-driven processes to determine the content of any possible policy and are committed to being accountable and transparent to communities throughout the process.  

100R Warren Street

Roxbury, MA  02119

Tel: 617-299-2604